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International Conference on Creative Insubordination in Mathematics Education - ICOCIME 2

Local: UFSC, Florianópolis – SC
Data: 16 a 18 de setembro de 2019

The demand for international scientific investigations in Mathematics Education requires expanding space for debates about studies developed.

The creation of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CREATIVE INSUBORDINATION IN MATHEMATICS EDUCATION - ICOCIME has the objective of promoting discussions about research that dialogues with the concept of creative insubordination.

ICOCIME seeks to involve professionals from different countries and institutions and in discussions about investigations that are committed to social justice and whose objective is to understand the formation of a critical and ethical subject, one that critically reflects and acts democratically and collaboratively.

By providing a space for meeting and reflection among researchers, teachers and students of master and doctorate degrees, ICOCIME intends to promote discussions of concerns and dilemmas related to school and university mathematics education, as well as to socialize such discussions among undergraduates and elementary, middle and high school teachers.

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